With advertising in flux, Twitter is outsourcing ad monetization to ad tech

Twitter’s beleaguered ads business is on a bit of a roll these days. 

With the appointment of a top media executive — Linda Yaccarino — as the new CEO, the company is making a statement. Even the largest media buyer, GroupM, which had previously determined the platform to be a “high risk” buy, has taken notice and tried to calm advertisers’ concerns about the social network. Meanwhile, the ads team, despite encountering obstacles, are persevering. In fact, they recently struck a deal with an ad tech vendor that could help counteract the ongoing loss of ad revenue from the platform.

Since May 13, Twitter has been selling ad inventory through the mobile advertising marketplace Inmobi. This exclusive arrangement is evident in Twitter’s ads.txt file, which authorizes Inmobi as the sole vendor for this purpose. 

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