Why Tinx thinks AI will ‘end humanity’ and refuses to use it in content creation

As attendees at Cannes Lions 2023 sit around and discuss what form generative AI will — and should — take, creator Christina Najjar (better known as her nickname Tinx) has what seems like a hot take: she wants no part of artificial intelligence.

“I don’t like AI at all. AI will probably end humanity, and we’ll be lucky if it doesn’t. I’m more focused on that than sort of some of the more immediate implications,” Najjar said. “I know some creators are working with AI already. I don’t want to overly automate any aspect of my process right now.”

Najjar has been working on investing in her influencer brand for three years — and has grown it to include a merch deal under her “Rich Mom” series, hosting an ongoing podcast with SiriusXM and securing brand deals for her accounts, particularly across TikTok and Instagram.

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