Why FaZe Rug is the latest esports influencer to join the DTC brand craze

Over the past year, esports organizations and influencers alike have leaned into direct-to-consumer products in their search for sustainable revenue streams. Today, Brian “FaZe Rug” Awadis has become the latest industry leader to join the fray with the launch of 1UP Candy, a DTC candy business with a focus on the Gen-Z livestreaming audience.

The company is kicking off with a limited production run of a sour gummy, which the company plans to promote through a social media challenge spread via the channels of Awadis and other livestreamers. 1UP has also partnered with Cash App to market their candy, offering exclusive access to Cash App Card holders for 72 hours before the general public can purchase it. 

1UP Candy is privately funded by Awadis and his co-founder and CEO, Matt Weiss. “In the world of CPG, where a lot of the burn comes from is when you go right out of the doors into brick-and-mortar,” Weiss said. “We want to start off DTC, so when you talk about financing and fundraising, all of these things really allow us to be a bit more lean, because we’re able to leverage Brian’s audience.”

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