The Role of Speed Typing Tests in Assessing Content Marketing Candidates

The Role of Speed Typing Tests in Assessing Content Marketing Candidates

If you’re a content writer or in the content marketing industry, you’ve most likely come across what a speed typing test is. A candidate that is a writer will usually undergo a speed test because they need to manage the large amounts of information that is processed.

Statistics show that speed typing tests are usually measured based on age. A person that is over 17 years old will usually need to achieve a minimum of writing 45 words per minute with an accuracy of 85%. Experts can achieve at least 65 words per minute with an accuracy of 100%. 

However, let’s dive deeper into this article to learn more about speed tests and how you can use them to assess content marketing candidates during the hiring phase. 

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The whole idea of the speed typing test 

speed typing test for employment is an excellent way for hiring candidates and seeing if they’re adequate for the role you’re hiring them for. This test will evaluate the word per minute provided for a randomly generated sequence of words generated by space. Most speed typing tests will usually only pay attention to lowercase letters, meaning that you don’t need to use any capitalization or punctuations while typing. 

However, that’s not always the case. Some organizations might do lowercase letter speed tests and those that include capitalization and punctuation. The speed tests that do include capitalization and punctuation will usually randomly select a set of important paragraphs from somewhere. 

Additionally, you also have a ten-key typing test, where one is done with numbers only and the other, with numerical data. 

The numbers test allows hiring managers to evaluate how well the writer can accurately enter numerical data when using 10 keys on a numeric keyboard pad.

On the other hand, we have a ten-key typing test. This test evaluates the candidate’s ability to efficiently and accurately enter numerical data by using the same keyboard as the previous test, but this time, using KPH for measuring the speed and attention to detail of the applicant, using decimals and operators. 

The reason typing tests are used in the hiring process

When it comes to hiring new candidates, typing tests are used for checking the speed and accuracy a candidate has. To assess the candidates typing and speed skills, here’s what they undergo: 

Keyboard and typing speed tests for measuring the word per minute a candidate can write (WPM). 
Typing skills tests measure the ability of candidates to accurately input information. 
Typing tests are easily set up. 
Typing tests are a fast and reliable way to assess the candidate’s abilities. 

Several reasons why they’re used in the hiring process, but organizations continue to see them as a reliable way for hiring the right candidate. 

The jobs that require speed typing tests and data entry abilities 

In content marketing, you’ll most likely have to do with data entry too. When it comes to entering data, you need to have someone good at typing. Nevertheless, we came up with a summary of the most popular jobs across the world that require you to undergo a speed typing test: 

Audio-to-text converters: Aka, also called “Transcriptionists,” will usually have to listen to audio and write down what they heard. This job definitely isn’t easy, but does require speed. If you’re a transcriptionist, you most likely might have to quickly and accurately write down texts, so this test is obligatory for you.
Journalists: Journalists live a very fast and dynamic life. Especially when there’s something new going on, there’s no time to wait, so as a journalist, you need to be writing as much as you can, as fast as you can!
Copy and content writersCopy and content writers are usually considered veterans of writing in general. They know all about writing and when it comes to having to work for an organization, depending on their requirements, these writers will usually be required to write about 2000+ words per day.
Hiring managers: You’d be surprised that the hiring manager himself, has to have speed in typing.
Data specialists/accountants/brokers, etc: All of these jobs do require data entry and in many cases, it might be urgent, so if you wanna be an accountant, data specialist, or any job similar to this, you need to be fast and accurate.
Content editors: Similar to a copy and content writer, a content editor might have to deal with multiple edits per day. The problem with editing is that you might have to edit the content that isn’t your writing style and adjust to the style the other writer used. Content editors might have to edit multiple articles, blogs, or any other similar content per day. It’s definitely not easy, but speed and accuracy are required here.

Regardless of the job position you are in, always be prepared to undergo a speed typing test. To be better prepared, we recommend you try practice tests before entering the actual one. 

A few simple reasons why speed typing tests are still used 

There are still many reasons why speed-typing tests are used in the content marketing industry. Here are a few reasons we came up with: 

Allows you to assess how much an applicant pays attention to detail: Many fast writers can be attentive when it comes to checking up on what they wrote. During the hiring process, a speed typing test should focus on how much a writer pays attention to details. It’s not only about writing and having many typos in the content, but writing fast and knowing what you are writing about. This is the difference between an inattentive fast writer and one who pays attention to details.
Gives you an idea of how comfortable the applicant is when writing: Being comfortable with the speed at which you type is a good indicator of how productive and successful your working environment will be. Not only does this show how well your applicants will perform their tasks, but it gives enough insights into how comfortable they’ll be while using a computer to perform their work.
Shows how well an applicant can perform under large amounts of pressure: Speed typing tests can be an excellent way of showing how well your candidate can perform under pressure. After all, 80% of employees feel pressured at the workplace. This means that not everyone can handle it, so those who can, are easy to distinguish. Thai typing test also shows you how quickly applicants can adjust to deadlines when consumers are demanding from them and adding perspective to your hiring process.
It allows you to effectively evaluate a candidate, regardless of how their resume and work experience look like: Using skills-based speed typing tests is an excellent way of evaluating a candidate’s skills. The results are data-driven and can give an accurate representation of the candidate’s skill sets. It’s an excellent way of identifying whether a candidate is fit for the job and if they have the required qualifications on their resume.
Shows keyboard proficiency: As interesting as it may sound, a speed typing test can actually show how proficient a user is when typing. For these types of companies, a typing test is used to see an applicant’s skill level in a specific area. Many important roles like content writers, transcriptionists, data entry positions and others, require accuracy and speed. Therefore, it makes enough sense to assess an applicant’s skills through a typing test.

Regardless of what you do, you’ll clarify many things after a candidate finishes the test. Therefore, it’s important to see the results and even compare candidates with each other. After that, it’ll relatively make the hiring process easier. 

The entire point 

You probably got the entire point of why speed typing tests are important in assessing content marketing candidates. Short put, they’re simple and easy to set up, allowing you enough time to think and properly assess a candidate. 

The time it takes to hire someone can be long, so whatever upper hand you can get, is helpful enough. You shouldn’t risk enough time having to re-hire someone, so carefully analyze what kind of results you get from each candidate and put it into practice. You won’t be getting any bad results is the least to say. 

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