Slim Jim is using its Discord channel to build interest in NFTs, metaverse efforts

Slim Jim is still bullish on the metaverse and NFTs — despite the decline in marketing in the space in recent months.

The snack food brand will leverage its social media platforms and Discord channel to draw its fans to NFTs as it invests in Web3 and the metaverse. Slim Jim is approaching the metaverse like Roblox and Fortnite (i.e. experiencing different games and activities, and interacting with other players) with the goal of adapting to consumers’ behavior as they engage with new technologies within this niche market.

For example, with this latest effort, Slim Jim is offering 10,000 NFTs that will change over time based on a user’s actions. Slim Jim is actively exploring virtual environments within the metaverse to grow its reach to consumers who are familiar with the metaverse and NFTs — and to gain new customers who aren’t.

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