Introducing an in-depth guide to the Agile Marketing Navigator

“Agile marketing transformations are not going well. We needed something built by marketers, for marketers, in a language that makes sense to marketers.”

That’s what agile marketing coach and regular MarTech contributor Stacey Ackerman told me back in May 2022. Over the following months, in collaboration with her fellow agile coach Michael Seaton, and with the support of the agile marketing community, Stacey delivered on that promise in the form of the Agile Marketing Navigator.

The Navigator takes important principles of agile software development and transforms them into practices and processes that make sense for marketers and can be implemented by them. It also introduces new agile elements that marketers need but which traditional agile systems overlook.

Dig deeper: A new way to navigate agile marketing

In a series of 21 articles, Ackerman broke down the four main pillars of the Navigator — the Collaborative Planning Workshop, the Launch Cycle, the Six Key Practices and the Six Roles — into their component parts, setting out a flexible and practical framework for agile marketing.

Marketers today need to move at the speed of light to meet the needs of their audience and realize critical business outcomes. The Navigator makes a huge contribution to showing how agile principles can boost the performance of modern marketing organizations.

In partnership with Stacey, we now present an ebook that captures all you need to know about an agile framework designed specifically for marketers. You’ll find a free downloadable pdf at the link below.

Getting Started with the Agile Marketing Navigator

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