Inside Google’s Privacy Sandbox pitch as a rollout starts to take shape

With Europe’s GDPR in effect five years this week and Apple’s ATT in action two years as of last month, one of the advertising world’s next expected major catalysts is Google’s plans for its long-awaited Privacy Sandbox. Last week, the company finally shed new light on its plans with more details and a lengthy timeline. (It will deprecate third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users globally in the first quarter of 2024).

Before the latest announcement, Digiday spoke with Google Senior Director of Product Management Victor Wong to learn more about the plans for the next 18 months, the company’s approach to the major overhaul and how it’s addressing everything from industry skepticism to regulatory scrutiny.

Prior to joining the company last September to lead the Privacy Sandbox product team, Wong spent several years at Meta working on data privacy across monetization products. In an open letter last month published on Google’s blog, Wong outlined four “core tenets” guiding the company’s plans, including universal privacy and access to information, viable alternatives for ads without third-party cookies, technical privacy protections, and solutions that are built “in the open” and in collaboration with the overall industry.

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