I’m on the Tim Ferriss podcast — talking my new book, growth hacking, metaverse, creator economy, and more

Hi readers,

My first book — The Cold Start Problem — is out next week!!! The countdown begins. You can preorder it here as hard cover, kindle, or audiobook. And yes, I recorded the audiobook myself.

I have a bit more more audio today to talk about as well… When I first moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, I was introduced to Tim Ferriss at a dinner — before he wrote 4 Hour Work Week, before his podcast, when we were both getting started. We lived not too far from each other — I was in an apartment with roommates in Bernal Hill. I remember visiting his place and checking out these weird cannonballs with handles on them — kettlebells — and talking about how he was going to launch his book.

Years later, it’s been awesome to follow his success and today, something new:

I’m on his podcast — The Tim Ferriss Show — for the first time. The episode was just released this morning. You can listen to it on Apple PodcastsSpotifyOvercastPodcast AddictPocket CastsStitcherCastboxGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, or on your favorite podcast platform.

A couple of the topics we talk about:

“Growth hacking” and how it became popular
The history of marketing — coupons, direct marketing versus brand, and more
Games and the future of the Metaverse
The magic of Bay Area tech companies
The creator economy
Web3 and how it’ll impact consumer startups
The Cold Start Problem and what it was like to write it

I hope you enjoy!

(Back from a long road trip from Zion, Bryce, Sedona, etc over Thanksgiving)


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