How to Generate More Leads for Your B2B E-commerce Business

How to Generate More Leads for Your B2B E-commerce Business

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B2B is all about buying and selling products and services in various business entities. Targeting a business takes an inordinate amount of forethought and strategic planning. You can’t take a random approach and then expect to get positive results.

That’s why the B2B process is long and takes up much of your time. It would help if you were strategic with your customer acquisition strategy and nurtured and retained your leads in the funnel. Similarly, your marketing strategy should provide answers for everyone engaging with you.

As a B2B marketer, you must put your prospects first, provide an information-first approach, and create a connection with a broad network of partners.

Here’s how you can generate more leads for your B2B e-commerce business and boost your e-commerce conversions:

1. Optimize your website for mobile conversions

Most people use their mobile devices to look up products, services, and companies online precisely when they’ll most likely turn to leads. 

In fact, according to Google’s research, there’s a 35% increase in mobile searches for product reviews. Furthermore, there’s an 85% increase in mobile searches for the “best” products and services. This indicates that people are thinking of purchasing a product with their smartphones and tablets. 

That’s the reason that you should make your site mobile-friendly. That way, visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly. 

2. Provide discounts and promotions

Here’s the thing- site visitors are likely to give you their information if you can provide them with something valuable in exchange. For new and first-time buyers, offering discounts help you incentivize the sign-ups in your mailing list. 

On the other hand, promotions like loyalty and membership programs keep your current customers engaged, and that increased engagement comes with better word-of-mouth. 

3. Invest in content marketing

Content marketing is crucial to your business. This usually involves crafting, optimizing, and distributing relevant content to your target audience to drive action. 

In fact, according to a report from the Demand Generation’s Benchmark Survey, B2B prospects are highly responsive to content marketing. In fact, 60% of organizations map their content on their sales funnel

4. Launch an affiliate program

Affiliate programs help you drive more leads by recruiting customers and users who recommend your product or service to others. With this program, you can recruit affiliates who advocate for your brand in their respective networks and communities. 

Using a unique link, they’ll recommend you to others with a unique link that tracks their referrals. For every lead they send based on the criteria of your program, they’re rewarded. 

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly effective strategy, mainly because other people trust their family and friends. If you’re a company or a trusted influencer that recommends a particular product, you’ll most probably add it to your shortlist and check it out versus if you see it in a typical ad

That’s also the reason why a lot of successful B2B companies these days utilize affiliate programs. 

5. Create a lead magnet

Want a successful customer lifecycle? Then you have to optimize the process of converting visitors into leads. 

As a digital marketer, you’re putting a lot of effort into promoting your business without knowing how visitors interact. You need to monitor if you want to grow your leads via marketing or promotions. A lot of times, there’s a gap between lead and traffic generation. 

In generating traffic, you should know the art of converting traffic into paying customers. This is where the lead magnet concept comes in. These are strategies and tweaks in your site to hold the traffic and entice people to provide you with their details so that you can get in touch with them in the future. This is essential for B2B businesses

You can use lead magnets in your arsenal to provide visitors value in exchange for their contact information. Usually, many businesses use lead magnets to nurture any signs of interest from site visitors. They aim to get permission from their visitors and follow these up with prospective giveaways. 

Here are some effective lead magnets that you can use:

Free trial 
Training videos
Blog subscriptions/ newsletter
Case studies
Coupons and exclusive deals
Free Consultation

6. Leverage the power of re-engagement emails

Similarly, it would be best to utilize re-engagement strategies for genuine prospects in your target email list. 

To do this, you must tap into the power or re-engagement emails. Many prospective customers in an email list won’t engage with a brand that sends them content. 

If you want to generate a consistent flow of leads, new customers, and more revenue, avoid database decay as much as possible—re-engagement emails not only the users on your list but also people who have actively engaged with you. 

7. Invest in Search Engine Optimization

A strong e-commerce SEO strategy helps your brand get noticed, especially when people aren’t actively looking for your brand

With the right SEO strategy, you can rank well for your products and services, not just your brand name. 

As your SEO efforts start to grow, more and more people can find your brand when they look up generic terms. That means they’ll be more likely to remember it when they want to complete a purchase. 

8. Add customer reviews

You can integrate customer reviews and testimonials when evaluating product pages to highlight your brand. Adding reviews makes your content more informative and, in turn, drives more sales. 

Although product reviews have been quite popular in the B2C sector, B2B brands are just starting to take advantage of this word-of-mouth promotion strategy. 

You can curate reviews from other sources if you can’t add reviews to your product pages. You can link your Trustpilot ratings to assure buyers that it’s safe to trust your brand. 

 Over to You

While you can make minor adjustments to your site to boost conversion rates, real e-commerce growth starts with your business model and marketing plan. Your sales team, content team, and advertising department must also be aligned with your goals and customer funnel. 

You can start using these big-picture strategies and see how your e-commerce business changes in the long run. You’ll be able to drive more qualified leads to your business and convert more people who visit your site. 

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

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