How ad platforms are inflating streaming TV performance

The rise of streaming television has threatened to dethrone Nielsen as the standard-bearer for how every single agency and advertiser measured a TV campaign — creating an even playing field for all parties involved. Now, there are too many new players — such as Samba TV, VideoAmp, Comcore and more — for the industry to boast consensus and uniformity, despite providing better measurement. The net result: streaming ad providers operate under very few guidelines and even less oversight when measuring the impact of streaming ad spend.

This is hurting brands. While the dialogue has focused chiefly on fraud and brand safety, an even more common cheat is hidden in plain sight. Among CTV ad providers, there is a tremendous temptation to make the ROI on CTV look better than it really is (and definitely better than linear). After all, when the numbers look good, there’s a higher chance for a happy advertiser.

How platforms are measuring the impact of streaming ad spend

It’s simple to overstate the impact of a streaming TV campaign, particularly when other channels, such as digital display, are lumped into the CTV mix.

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