Gaming industry execs chime in on changing consumer habits and the the rise of AI in Q1 2023

This year is shaping up to be a notable one for the gaming and esports industries, particularly in the public market. After a flurry of COVID-sparked public offerings and M&A activity, publicly traded gaming companies are more valuable than ever. As games increasingly become a pillar of modern entertainment, gaming executives hope the gravy train will continue to choo-choo forward.

But gaming industry’s ascendance faltered in the first quarter of 2023, as brands and consumers limited their spending in the sector in anticipation of a mounting recession. Following a wave of layoffs earlier this year, gaming companies have had to pivot into new business models and explore broader cultural trends such as AI and the metaverse to keep investors satisfied in Q1 of the fiscal year.

To get a sense of where gaming executives stand in 2023, here’s a round-up of executive commentary (with some context) from the recent earnings reports of 12 of the largest publicly traded gaming and esports companies, listed in alphabetical order.

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