ChatGPT Alternative For Writing Better Marketing Copy With AI

ChatGPT Alternative For Writing Better Marketing Copy With AI

Write More, Write Faster, Write Better.

ChatGPT is here and everyone loves it. Right?

Actually, ChatGPT and other AI Tech Solutions (not just AI Marketing Copy Generators) have become a hot topic as of late.

Understandably. AI is powerful and we’re just seeing a glimpse of what it can be in a couple of months or years.

We’re on the side of humans. And AI. We believe AI can help people reach their goals faster and we should make good use of tech.

In this article, we’ll go over what we believe a good alternative is to ChatGPT when it comes to Writing Marketing Copy with the help of AI and how to actually reach your goals.

Spoiler: “Wite me an SEO article that will rank #1 in Google” or “Write me a Social Media post that will go viral” is not what we’ll be discussing today.

How we believe humans should interact with AI Tools like ChatGPT

You, human, are able to gauge, meaningfully analyze and understand the reactions of your intended audience to the stories you’re sharing. You are able to understand the underlying meaning of words, sentences; thoughts, feelings; needs, problems, and solutions — and their connection to the social and physical reality that we live in. That you live in, and that your audience lives in.

And it’s that understanding that’s going to ultimately help you not only create more content, but more so: ever better content.

And that’s what’s gonna help you grow.

People should never sacrifice authenticity and quality for speed for the sake of producing more.

AI can help you when you’re stuck. AI can help you become more creative. We’ve been using our own AI Tech for more than a year and each and every time we’re blown away by the direction it guides us when we’re stuck.

Did you write an article and feel like your title is not catchy enough? You can spend 10 minutes trying to crack the code or simply ask AI to help you out. Within seconds you’ll be surprised by the different angles AI has used and your creative juices will take it from there and perfect your title.

That’s just one simple examples. We’ll go over many more in this article.

But first.

ChatGPT limitations when it comes to Marketing Copy Writing

As of the latest, GPT3-based AI copy generators, the core of the problem is this:

As smart as our current AI systems are, as much as they’re essentially self-learning and able to improve and learn to do new specific language tasks that they haven’t been previously trained on with human supervision;

Natural Language Processing AI models don’t truly understand what they’re doing. What they do have knowledge and understanding of is the way words relate to each other; and how to create acceptable, passable and correct language content on the basis of short and simple prompts. They don’t understand the world around them. And they don’t understand what they’re saying.

Like a hyper-talented but blind and paralyzed parrot, kind of.

This is a serious limitation in the sense that true intelligence needs feedback. Better stories and better storytelling need that feedback as well.

Improvement in and of itself — which is another word for ‘getting better’ — requires feedback, by definition.

Next to these limitations which all current AI-Powered Marketing Copy Generators have, ChatGPT:

Has no filters to narrow outputs down to well-written marketing copy;
Does not help people (marketers) with proper inputs;
Does not help marketers to reach their goals with the help of AI.

Here’s what that looks like: was built by a team of passionate experts in content marketing, growth hacking, and storytelling. ​This makes the whole concept different than what ChatGPT provides, from the ground up.

We help marketers, brand builders and content creators write better stories faster and easier. And we help make them better storytellers along the way.​

Our tool and resources are created with you, the marketer, in mind.

We’ve implemented guidelines on the back-end to help you create better marketing copy, we guide you before entering your input, after you’ve received your ideas, and we even take it one step further. We want to help you reach your goals faster and created a Growth Storytelling Framework to help you do just that.

You can access it here for free (no email signup needed).

Write better Marketing Copy with the help of AI

If you still want to use ChatGPT and are not looking for an alternative, go ahead. Use what works best for you.

The resources we’ve created are free for anyone to use. We want to help marketers embrace this new technology and not be afraid that ChatGPT or any other AI Tool will take their job.

We’ve already shared our Growth Storytelling Framework. Below are a couple of use cases to get the most out of AI Marketing.

Come up with effective Content Ideas using AI

Go from keyword research to effective content ideas.

Writing an Article in under 30 minutes with help of AI

Step-by-step guide to write your title, outline, intro with AI.

Write your Brand Story with the help of AI

Let AI help you come up with the right words for your story.

AI for Social Media Marketing

Scale Content Creation and free up time.

AI for SEO

How to create more and better content faster and run SEO experiments.

Start with a great ChatGPT Alternative

If you are looking for a great ChatGPT alternative for writing your marketing copy and achieving your marketing goals faster, why not try out

You can get started for free and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Here’s a quick intro video of our platform to get you started.

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

Get Started with

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