Ancestry, Xaxis and Hilton are among the 2023 Digiday Media Awards winners  

The 2023 Digiday Media Awards featured a rising tide of collaborative brand partnerships and influencer collaborations. This year’s winners also used emerging tech to revitalize the customer experience, prioritizing diversity and inclusivity. 

One program that hit on both themes secured two wins — one for Best Branded Content Program (B2C) and one for Best Custom Advertising — and that was Ancestry and OMD’s ‘A Dream Delivered’ campaign. The company wanted to use its network to shed light on the generational impact slavery has on U.S. families and the importance of acknowledging the country’s past. With this, Ancestry partnered with Paramount to tell one man’s story of being born into slavery and torn from his family with the hopes of later being reunited with his loved ones, which, unfortunately, never happened. Ancestry leveraged its collection of historical records to rekindle those lost connections and bring that man’s wish to fruition. 

The next winner scored high marks for its use of emerging technology. Xaxis and Mediacom won Best Digital Product Innovation for their work with Tele2 AB, a multi-billion dollar Swedish telecommunications operator. To overcome a lack of identifiers in the digital audio space, Xaxis developed an integrated audio strategy with a single point of entry to premium, scalable and cost-efficient audio inventory that enables seamless activation, omnichannel synergy and is bespoke by design. As audio increasingly gained traction with younger audiences, Xaxis had the opportunity to test Xaxis Audio and, at the behest of Mediacom and Tele2 AB, produce an AI tool — Copilot — to move the needle on performance. This innovative product has shifted budgets between line items and effected nearly 200 intelligent optimizations, with the engineering team fine-tuning the algorithm even further for an increased focus on device optimization. 

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