AI-Powered Paraphrase Generator – Reword Your Marketing Copy

AI-Powered Paraphrase Generator – Reword Your Marketing Copy

Bye bye Writer’s Block

Everyone who’s writing Marketing Copy has hit a Creativity wall before. It’s super annoying and sometimes difficult to break through. But AI can

No. AI Marketing Copy Generators and Paraphrase Generators are not coming for your job.

Our human uniqueness is always going to be appreciated and felt by other’s. Even through a computer or mobile screen.

AI is here to help.

Marketers and Copywriters around the world have been adapting the power of AI to help with their marketing copy and. You can read a couple use cases of how AI help Marketers here.

In this article, we’re going to dive specifically into those moments when you already have a specific piece of text but are not 100% happy about it or when you just want to reword your copy to set up experiments.

Have you ever been in such a situation? Would it be helpful to get some help within seconds?

Let’s get into it!

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How to Reword your Marketing Copy with an AI Generator

There are a couple of use cases we can think of that paraphrasing with the help of AI can come in handy. We’ll try to go over a couple of them and hope to inspire you to use our AI Copy Generators freely, even if it turns out that we do not have a specific generator for your needs.

Let’s start with Blog Introductions.

How to use an AI Copy Generator to Paraphrase your Blog Intro

Let’s say you’ve already written your blog introduction but don’t want to bet on one horse. You understand that a well written blog intro is crucial to get people to read your article instead of hitting that back button and you want to create a couple of versions and then select the best one.

Well… Good luck with taking one blog topic and start writing a blog intro from scratch, three times.

With our Blog Intro Generator, you simply write your intro once, copy / paste your intro into our generator and get new copy ideas.

Then, you add your human touch and voila! You have three blog intro’s within minutes and you can select the best one for your awesome post.

Here’s how it looks like.

You can re-run the Blog Intro Generator a couple of times and get inspired.

What makes’s Generators unique from other Paraphrasing tools like QuillBot,, and others is that our Generators don’t just change a couple of words with synonyms, it actually gives you new angles and inspires you to write marketing copy in ways you might not have thought of.

How to use an AI Copy Generator to Reword your Social Media Captions

Another use case is writing multiple variations for your Social Media Captions.

You often don’t want to share a message or an article on Social Media just once and you probably want to write a couple of Social Posts at once and maybe even schedule them.

How much time would it take you to write 3, 4, or 5 unique captions for one article that you want to promote?

With our Social Media Caption Generator, you can do that in minutes.

Check out how we reworded one Social Caption with the help of AI below.

Let’s Rewrite Ad Copy With our AI Generator

Coming up with new variations for your PPC Ad Copy or Social Media Ads can be very difficult. How do you describe, promote a product or service in different ways so you can a/b test the best copy and get the best ROI?

It’s pretty difficult without a paraphrasing generator and luckily, we have dedicated Ad Copy Generators to help.

Check out an example of our Google Ad Description Generator.

Use a Paraphrase Generator and Reword Your Marketing Copy

We’ve given your three use cases of how you can use our Marketing Copy Generators to paraphrase and reword your marketing copy.

Of course, all great writers write their copy, read it (sometimes out loud), edit it and rewrite it.

You can use our tools for all your marketing copy and we have more generators to help you out like a Email Subject Line Generator, Blog Title Generator and we’re constantly fine tuning the output quality.

We believe that AI can help marketers to do their work better.

Be sure to always check your work and add your unique human touch.

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

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