Adobe, Barkley, CNBC News + Salesforce, Samsung and Bloomberg are among this year’s Digiday Video and TV Awards shortlist nominees

This year’s Digiday Video and TV Awards finalists focused on measuring results and proving ROI, crafting successful partnerships and collaborations, curating content experiences and utilizing emerging technologies. The shortlist entries showcase creativity, engagement and results, using audience understanding to produce impactful campaigns. 

Adobe emerged as a top finalist for Best Connected TV Platform, showcasing innovative strategies through Adobe Acrobat’s Performance CTV campaign. The campaign achieved remarkable results by leveraging Adobe Advertising DSP’s unique capabilities, including Adobe Analytics for CTV tracking and self-serve AI-powered custom goals. The company even exceeded its internal goals — reaching hundreds of thousands of households weekly while maintaining efficient costs — and achieved a 4X improvement in return on media spend and a 3X increase in ROAS. The approach focused on incremental unique reach and full-funnel CTV measurement, which exemplified Adobe’s commitment to driving impactful digital experiences and empowering marketers with actionable insights.

The next standout nominee is Barkley for Best Use of YouTube with its innovative approach to promoting Motel 6. Barkley leveraged Motel 6’s iconic voice, Tom Bodett, to craft engaging 6-second spots that humorously highlight Motel 6’s key offerings. Despite the time constraint, Barkley cleverly utilized humor to capture the audience’s attention and increase brand awareness. With an impressive average VCR rate of 94%, the strategy proved highly effective in ensuring Motel 6 remained top of mind during the peak travel season, showcasing the power of concise storytelling on YouTube.

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