A/B Test Linkedin Ads With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A/B Test Linkedin Ads With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let AI help you Improve your ROI

Let AI help you Optimize your LinkedIn ads and improve your ROAS and ROI by taking what works best and testing new variations.

Why would you need AI to help you A/B test your LinkedIn ads?

Because as an in-house marketer, you’re so deep in the business that it’s difficult to find new creative angles for telling your story and testing new messages. This is not a problem for AI.

As a LinkedIn ads freelancer or agency, it can be very difficult to really understand the business and which exact words make people tick. Especially at first. Why not let AI help you?

How AI helps you create great LinkedIn Ads A/B Tests

Let’s assume you’ve already been running LinkedIn ads for some time.

You’ve gathered your data and know which ads have been performing best.

Now. It’s time to test new variations. Here’s where the problem comes in. How do you step outside of ‘the known’ and create new variations?

Let’s see how an AI-Powered Paraphrase Generator can help.

For this exercise, we want to A/B test the Intro Text.

To add some spice to this exercise, let’s take an existing LinkedIn ad HubSpot created.

The text we’re going to be creating an A/B test for is as follows:

Spend less time wrangling clunky software and more time generating leads, closing deals, and helping customers.

Here are variations AI has provided us by simply entering that ad copy in the Paraphrase Generator:

Cut the amount of time you spend using complex software and use that time to increase leads, close deals, and provide assistance to clients.
Use up less of your valuable time wrangling obtrusive software, and more of it making connections, sealing the deal and aiding customers.
Instead of wasting time trying to navigate complicated software, you can invest more energy generating leads, negotiating contracts and aiding customers.
Free up your time from inefficient software and use it to generate leads, seal deals, and assist customers.

Create bolder LinkedIn ad A/B tests

The examples above were slight variations of the original LinkedIn ad. The more you change the input or the larger the copy, the more variation you’ll get.

But let’s say you want to create bolder A/B tests. Let’s say you want to go with the same angle ‘generating leads’ + ‘not wasting time’ but want to explore the fields a bit.

Enter our Social Media Ad Copy Generators.

This time, I’ve used one of the paraphrased examples:

Free up your time from inefficient software and use it to generate leads, seal deals, and assist customers

Here are the outputs I’ve received:

Are you spending countless hours on tedious software? Free up time in your day, and increase efficiency by generating leads quickly with our easy-to-use
Put in the hard work without wasting time on inefficient software. Take advantage of our lead generation features, which will help you get the most out of your
Streamline your bussiness operations and free up valuable time to generate leads, seal deals, and build relationships with customers. Automate tedious tasks with
Unlock the power of efficient lead generation software and free up your time for what’s important. Find more leads, close bigger deals and serve customer needs
Are you struggling to find the time to take on new leads and close deals? Our lead generation software can do that for you. Let us free up

As you can see, the AI is now free to find new angles like ‘Streamline your business operations’, ‘Unlock the power of efficient lead generation’, etc.

Perfect your A/B test by adding your human touch

We don’t advise using outputs generated by AI without adding your unique human touch. As you can see, AI helped us find new variations within two clicks of a button which sparks creativity. It’s up to you to perfect your ad copy and run awesome LinkedIn ads.

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

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