AI for Social Media Marketing. How to use Artificial Intelligence.

AI for Social Media Marketing

How to use Artificial Intelligence to reach your Goals faster

AI is being used in Social Media Marketing to create written content, video content, schedule, analyze, and more.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into how AI can help you create more and better Social Media content.

The reason we’re focusing just on how AI can help with the written content part of Social Media Marketing is because it’s essesial you learn every part of what AI has to offer in depth to really be successful at it.

We don’t advise you to try out all means of improving your Social Media Marketing with AI at once. It will be overwhelming and you won’t be able to really dive into the power of AI and get great results.

In this article:

AI Social Media Content Generators
Content Idea Generator powered by AI
Social Media Caption Generator powered by AI
Benefits of AI in Social Media
Future of AI in Social Media Marketing

AI Social Media Content Generators

Social Media Marketers spend a lot of time on coming up with ideas on what to post next and creating content:

Written content (captions)

What if AI can help with that?

Would that be scary? Would you be happy?

We believe that AI is here to assist marketers and not to take away their jobs.

Humans want to connect with humans. So a human touch will always be crucial.

But let’s have a look at how AI can help.

How AI helps to come up with new Social Media Ideas

Let’s say you know you want to create a couple of Social Media posts about AI Marketing but you just need some inspiration. Some angles to get you going to spark some creativity.

Simply go to’s Content Idea Generator and type in some context on AI Marketing.

Check out what we got in the first run below. You can re-run the tool as often as needed to get a nice list of potential new social post ideas.

The Content Idea Generator is powered by AI. There is no static list of words that are added before or after your keywords. The outputs are unique and oftentimes, very helpful.

Social Media Caption Generator powered by AI

We hope the AI Powered Content Idea Generator helped you speed up the process and helped you to create a nice list of social post ideas in minutes instead of hours.

Let’s win some time by creating social media captions with the help of the AI powered Social Media Caption Generator.

I simply took one of the ideas the content idea generator gave me and pasted it into the Social Caption Generator and it gave me two solid caption ideas:

I now have the choice between saving them and adding my human touch or re-running the generator until I get results I like better.

Social Media Marketers often write multiple social captions for any given topic and schedule it for the coming weeks or months.

It’s often difficult to come up with new variations of how to describe a given topic a fourth or fifth time.

With the AI Caption Generator, you can have a buddy 24/7 to help you out and spar whenever you need to.

How to get started

We advise to create an account on and try out the idea and caption generator for yourself. You can sign up and get 15 free runs every month or upgrade for $7 and get 100 runs every month.

When sitting down to schedule your social posts, head over to our Social Caption Generator and see how much time and brain power you can save with the help of AI. And how creative your Social Captions will be by having instant access to very different angles of approaching a topic.

Be mindful that quality inputs will give you quality outputs. If you only insert one or two words, the AI won’t always get the full context and you won’t always get quality outputs. The same goes for Google for instance.

Benefits of AI in Social Media

AI can help you become more creative and help you save time to invest in what matters most; learning about your audience and engaging with them on social media.

At the core of Social Media Marketing there is the people and community aspect.

The more you engage and learn about the pains and goals of your audience, the bigger your impact.

We understand that you might have a posting quota. Thus, posting regularly on social is a priority. AI can give you back valuable time to take on new, more impactful tasks.

Future of AI in Social Media Marketing

AI has come a long way and it will keep becoming better. The role of AI in Social Media Marketing will increase in the future as it has in the past.

Social Media Marketers will embrace the power of AI content creation, predictable modeling, scheduling, and all other goodies more and more.

The time is now to start playing around with AI.

Take this step-by-step guide, create a account and start playing around with AI and learn how it can help you speed up content outputs.

The time to get on board is now.

We’re here to help you along the way.

Write more. Write better. Grow faster.

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